THE MIGHTY STACK £89.99 ( RRP £139.99)

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The Ultimate Healthy Stack ONLY £89.99

RRP £139.99    SAVE £50

Are you setting yourself some pretty high fitness goals? Stock up with this delicious mix of extra lean meats to support you along the journey.  A wide variety of our customer favorites full of incredible flavors. Start to cut down on your meat bill today!

What you get..
2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts
450g of High Protein 100% Chicken Breast Sausage
450g of Gourmet Cumberland Sausage

We will give you all this..
4x 4oz Super Lean Handmade Beef Burger
4x 4oz Home Made Gourmet Chicken Burgers
5lb Extra Lean Back Bacon

Take some of these…
3x 400g of Grass Fed Extra Lean Beef Mince
4x 6-7oz Grass Fed Premium Sirloin Steak
4x 6-7oz  Grass Fed Premium Rump Steak

You get these too…
400g Diced Grass Fed Premium Beef
400g Extra Lean Turkey Mince
1.2kg Whole Chicken

Don’t forget about these extras…
12 Premium Meat Balls
2x 6-7oz Lean Turkey Breast Steaks

Incase you didn’t know…

  • Hand Selected by our Expert Butcher
  • Freshly Prepared, Never Frozen
  • High Protein & Slimming Club Approved
  • Ultimate Chilled Secure Delivery Service

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