1x 6-7oz RIBEYE STEAK £3.99




Nothing will tempt your tastebuds more than a perfectly cooked rib-eye steak recipe! The luscious, mouth-watering British Ribeye Steaks are fresh and offered with Red Tractor assurance. The ribeye steak – a rib steak minus the bone – is deliciously juicy with generous marbling throughout and has a rich, beefy flavour. They come from high welfare British farms that promise low fat beef with high level of Omega 3 and cell protective antioxidants. The matured ribeye steak is slightly high in fat (21.1g per serving) but, at the same time, high on protein value (39.2g per serving), which makes it a highly nutritious addition to the diet plan for health-conscious families, athletes, bodybuilders, etc.