As everything is cut fresh on site we offer a next day delivery service for maximum convenience on all our products. 

We deliver your meat in specialised polystyrene shipping boxes which are air tight and SECURITY SEALED for your peace of mind. These boxes act as a fridge keeping your meat cold for 48 hours although we will always deliver within 24 hours from shipping our products.  We make sure we go that extra mile by putting your specialised polystyrene shipping box in a tough outer cardboard box for even more protection.

We always pack with the following in mind:

Air Cushion Protection – to keep your goods from damaging during transit, we pack your box with sufficient air cushions to guarantee your food arrives in immaculate condition.

Hydrated Gel Ice Packs – by using a specific composite within the ice pack itself, your food is ensured to arrive fresh and cool but not frozen! Our ice packs can be reused.

Tough Outer Cardboard Box – Our specially made double corrugated outer box ensures that the contents of your box stay intact throughout transit.

Recyclable & Reusable – all of our packaging can be recycled and reused

Flexibility– we can deliver to a location of your choice, be it your home, your work, a friends house, we can deliver anywhere and everywhere

Tracked– Your order can be tracked from leaving us. Our next day delivery covers Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We will not allocate delivery dates you are free to choose your own date. If you have any questions please drop us an e-mail: 

We always aim to deliver within 24 hours however we rely on a third party for deliveries and sometimes factors out of our control can delay the package arriving on time. If this occurs please do not worry as our specialised shipping boxes will keep your package at the perfect temperature for at least 48 hours